You Can Help

Texas BigBeat – How You Can Help

  • Sign up to be a Texas BigBeat Drummer – at the Percussion Center, 6990 Portwest Drive #100, Houston, TX 77024 or online or Texas BigBeat 2011 Registration Form and mail to Percussion Center.
  • Encourage other drummers to participate.
  • Bring your whole family to the event.  Get tickets online or at the Percussion Center.
  • Sponsor young drummers who want to participate in the event.
  • Donate prizes – musical instruments, trips, airline tickets, products.
  • Sign up to be a Texas BigBeat 2011 Sponsor!
  • Place a Texas BigBeat banner/logo or weblink on your website.
  • Mention the Texas BigBeat in your newsletters.
  • Forward the Percussion Center email newsletter to friends, family & coworkers.
  • Sign up as a Texas BigBeat volunteer online.
  • Print out several of the Texas BigBeat 2011 Flyers or posters and place them in offices, schools, businesses, churches, etc.
  • Go online to make a donation to either Cherish Our Children International or Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation through a Texas BigBeat drummer’s personal fundraising page and make a difference in the lives of Houston children.
  • Go to and register, signup as a sponsor, buy tickets, make a donation and/or just have fun reading through the list of drummers, sponsors and prizes.

Drumming Up Dreams

Creating new possibilities for our youth, our families and our communities.

Thank you for your support to provide underprivileged,

special needs and at-risk children with educational opportunities.


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