Texas BigBeat 2011 Prizes:

1st Place Fundraiser: $2,229

Pearl Vision 5-piece drumset with hardware, Sabian XS20 BR 2-pack and Sabian AAX 18″ crash cymbal

2nd Place Fundraiser: $1,414

DW PDP Z5 drumset with hardware and cymbals, Sabian AAX EFfects Pack and DW PDP bongos

3rd Place Fundraiser: $1,199

Zildjian A Custom Box Set of cymbals

4th Place Fundraiser: $760

Mapex P710TW double pedal, Dream C-R118 Contact Series 18″ Ride and DW PDP 3 1/2×13 Chrome Snare

5th Place Fundraiser: $508

Tama HP300TW Cobra Jr. Double-Bass pedal and Dream -CR14 ontact Series 14″ Crash Cymbal

Raffle: Mapex Custom Big Beat Black Panther 8×14 Snare Drum, Maple/Walnut shell, chrome hardware

Auction: Ludwig 5.5×14 Hammered Brass snare drum and Tempus 6.5×14 Snare Drum

Fastest Drummer Contest: Tama HP35B Camco Pedal

Drumset winners: drumsticks, felt pack, drumhead

Drumming Up Dreams Drawing:

Tama HP300TW Cobra Jr. Double-Bass pedal

Dream CHH13 Contact Series 13″ HiHats

Tama HP35B Camco Pedal

Tama HP35B Camco Pedal

Dream PANG10 Pang Chinese 10″

DW PDP Bongo set

DW2000 Bass Drum Pedal

Dream Bag 22″ Cymbal bag

Grombal – 5 pack

Universal Percussion drummer felt packs


You can see a list of the Vendor Sponsors at


Texas BigBeat 2010 Prizes

Top Fundraiser – Retail Value $2244

•   Pearl Vision Series Birch 6-piece drum set with hardware

•   Sabian AAX Effects Pack

2nd Place Fundraiser – Retail Value $1720

•   Sabian 18” AAXplosion Fast Crash

•   DW8000 single pedal

•   Gretsch 6.5×14 Satin Ebony Maple Snare drum with wood hoops

•   Latin Percussion Set – Shakers, tambourine, jingler, jam block, micro snare

3rd Place Fundraiser – Retail Value $1549

•   Dream 24” Artist Commission Limited Ride

•   Tama Iron Cobra Jr. double pedal

4th Place Fundraiser – Retail Value $1087

•   PDP 6.5×14 Beaded Brass Snare drum with chrome hardware

•   PDP500 single pedal

•   Sonor HS 275 Hardware pack

5th Place Fundraiser – Retail Value $1064

•   Istanbul Agop 22” Cindy Blackman Ohm Ride

•   Yamaha 10” Steel snare drum

•   Yamaha Russ Miller Jingle wedge

Drumming Up Dreams Drawings:

•   Sabian XS20 BR 2-Pack

•   Sonor Bass drum pedal

•   DW2000 single pedal

•   Wuhan 24” wind gong with adaptor

•   2 bricks of Zildjian sticks with wood tips

•   2 bricks of Zildjian sticks with nylon tips

•   Five Star practice pad  (4)

•   16” A Zildjian Fast Crash

•   Toca 12” Synergy Vryheid djembe

•   Toca Percussion Set – 8” Synergy Vryheid djembe, tambourine, clave block

•   Yamaha Boom Stand

•   Paiste 18” 201 Crash cymbal

Raffle Drawing

•   Mapex 8×14 Big Beat snare drum custom finish

•   If Houston is drawn the raffle winner will also receive the Mike Portnoy – Dream Theatre Autographed drumhead

World’s Fastest Drummer Contest

•   Mapex P500TW Double Pedal


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