Texas BigBeat 2011 Rocks!

The 5th Annual Texas BigBeat rocked the warehouse on Sunday afternoon November 6th as 107 drummers grooved together on their drumsets to raise money for music and educational programs for Houston area schools!

Photos taken by Juan Ibanez and Christy Tucker now available for viewing at:


Through the dedication of 61 volunteers the drummers packets were ready, the prizes were displayed, the stage and sound system were set up, the floor was marked off in sections and the media had been notified.  Fox News showed up to document the event along with videographer and photgtraphers, David Franklin and Steffan from Franklin/Nava, Juan Ibanez, Niko Flores, Christy Tucker, and Mark Heibert. 

The crowed was wowed by performances by the Cook Elementary Drumline, Shadydale Elementary Drumline, Lone Star Choppaz and Humble High Trash Can Band!  And then Dan Egger-Balendria (who came over from Austin) got the whole crowd rock’n as over 22 hand drum players joined him on stage and through his direction played along with the drumset players.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of activity and friendly competition going on in the Fastest Drummer Contest booth as Casey Thomas wowed everyone with his over 900 strokes per minute! As a result Casey was the big winner of a Tama pedal.

Volunteers Naomi and Brittany wandered through the crowd selling raffle tickets and the lucky winner of the special Mapex Texas BigBeat Snare Drum was Belinda Fernandez who was so excited to be drumming for her first time at the Texas BigBeat!  And as a fundraising she also won a cymbal bag!

And thanks to Juice Girl (Gretchen) and It’s A Wrap and Pi Pizza there was a great mix of delicious food and drinks for everyone to enjoy!  The ArtReach booth had people making holiday wreaths by coloring plastics bottles and then cutting them and connecting them to make an awesome artistic wreath.  At the Clear booth people were getting some goodies along with great information about Clear’s products and services.  And Earnest Potts and Evan DeMonte were at the Percussion Center booth assisting people in purchasing tshirts, earplugs, headphones, giant drumsticks and other Texas BigBeat memorabilia!  And next to them was a table full of freebies – literature and stickers from the music vendors.

The main program was kicked off Texas style with God Bless Texas led by the band Barry Sea Paradox and joined in immediately by the 107 drummers.  After a couple of songs, the celebrity drummers Erik Hargrove, Daniel Glass and Mike McPhee, each performed for about 10 minutes each and then together they jammed to the delight of everyone there.  Dr. Aubrey Tucker from Houston Community College has been the Texas BigBeat conductor all five years, using one of the Texas BigBeat giant drumsticks to keep everyone in time.

The afternoon consisted of giving away over $15,000 worth of prizes to the fundraisers who raised over $17,000 for the two charities, The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation and Cherish Our Children International.  The funds raised goes to Houston area schools specifically for the No More Victims program for children whose parents are incarcerated and to under-funded music programs.

Barry Sea Paradox with Barry Siegel on saxophone and Bobbie Siegel on drums continued to play classic rock songs for everyone to play along to throughout the afternoon.  And then at 4:45, following the lead of the conductor at the Seattle Big Beat, they played along with drummers in 14 other cities – same beat, same time – over 1300 drummers!

The Big Beat – The World’s Largest Multi-City Drumset Event!

Thanks to the Texas BigBeat Vendor Sponsors: Mapex, Sabian, Promark, Vater, Vic Firth, Evans, Remo, Universal Percussion, Grombal, DW, Tama, Dream, Zildjian, Pearl, Tempus, Ludwig.

Product/Services Sponsors: DrumChannel.com, Pierpont Communications, James Coney Island, Franklin/Nava, Clear, Niko Flores Photography, Mike Evans, Lexus, All-Ure Photography, Juan Ibanez Photography, Chik-fil-A, Alliance Business Systems

Thanks to an awesome group of volunteers/vendors/sponsors:

Leadership Team: Eddie Corral, Barry Calnan, Darren Witmarsh, Spike the Percussionist, Sam Lindley, Arlene Levy, Mary Lee, Mike Ross, Donna Fisher

Drum Captains: David Jenett, Darren Whitmarsh, Mike Henry, Earnest Potts, Brian Bell, Patrick Courtney, Kris Ardolino, Sam Lindley, Greg Patton, Eddie Corral, Ken Evesson, John Pitale, Chris Bodin, Desiree Broussard, Danny Hite, Oscar Oviedo, Stephen Meaux, Lyn Green, Kevin Lee, Trey Willis, Evan DeMonte

Entertainment/Media/Sponsors – Mary Lee

Saturday/Sunday Set Up – Eddie Corral, Darren Whitmarsh, Mike Evans, David Duerr, Kolin Wisner, Randy McKinney, Barry Calnan, Dave Ely

Delivery of Drumsets to Warehouse – Darren Whitmarsh

Drummer Packet Preparation and Packet Pickup – Joanne Balagtas, Darren Whitmarsh

Drum Patrol – Jaime Najera and her family and friends!

Prize Coordination – Terry Ross, Brooke Ross, Mike Ross

Financial Reporting – Terry Ross

Welcome Desk – Terry and No More Victims Children

Drummer Entrance – Marilyn Gambrell and No More Victims Children

Meet & Greet – Darren Whitmarsh, Debi Poindexter, Mary Lee

Food Vendors – Eddie Corral

Adrienne Brown – School Outreach

Raffle ticket sales – Naomi, Arlene, Brittany and friends

Fundraising spreadsheet – Ruth Lacey

Tuning Booth – Evan DeMonte and Dave Ely

Fastest Drummer Contest – Eddie Corral, Joseph Polichino

Parking Lot Attendant – Larry Shudra

Stage Manager/Emcee – Pat Brown and Eddie Corral

Houston Airport Systems – Ronnie, Shauntel and entire crew for providing such a wonderful facility and being great to work with!

Graphic design of our beautiful poster, flyer, club cards – Joanne Balagtas

Creation of an awesome 15-second and 30-second promotional video – Spike the Percussionist and Bryan

Getting posters and flyers printed – Eddie Corral.

Printing postcards/club cards – Evans Drumheads

Randy McKinney and the Bellaire Men’s Club for stage, clipboards and other supplies!

Vendor Reps – Kevin Kline with KMC Music and Brian Hayes with Zildjian!

Printing and laminating lanyard card – Alliance Business Systems

Bottled water from Lexus.

Lunch for Saturday Set-up volunteers – Chik-fil-A

Food for Meet & Greet – James Coney Island

Flowers, table cloth and supplies for Meet & Greet – Mary Lee

Mike Evans – World Tour Sponsor and providing laser!

Connecting us with DrumChannel.com, Erik Hargrove and Clear – Barry Calnan

Setting up router for Internet access – Clear

Pierpont Communication – Julia and Jordan – sending out press releases and media alerts and getting coverage from Fox News.

Thanks to Mary Lee for connecting us with Jeff Balke at the Houston Press 

Thanks to Mary Lee for creating news blast fromNARIP and SugarHill Studios.

Thanks to Mike Henry for arranging lodging/transportation for celebrities.

Thanks to Janet Buller for connecting us with Dan Egger- Balendria and for creating the ArtReach children’s activity.

Thanks to Evans and Remo for providing supplies for the drum tuning booth and to Dave Ely and Evan DeMonte for handling the booth.

Thanks to Eric Hughes for arranging for Daniel Glass to join us as one of our celebrity drummer!

Videographer and photgtraphers, David Franklin and Stephen from Franklin/Nava, Juan Ibanez, Niko Flores, Christy Tucker, and Mark Heibert. 

94.5 The BUZZ – Rod Ryan, Jessica, Theresa and Doug for promoting the Texas BigBeat and having us on your show!

To Chrystay, Bill, T and everyone at Staging Solutions and PSAV who for the great stage and sound system set up!


Aaron Andrus – Drummer Up Dreams Winner

Kris Ardolino

Kelly Armbruster

Joanne Balagtas – 5th Place Fundraiser

Chris Bodin

Chris Borgman

Carson Broussard – 2nd Place Fundraiser

Barry Calnan – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

Russ Eckhardt –

Mike Evans – 1st Place Fundraiser

Ken Evesson

Belinda Fernandez – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

Donna Fisher

Matthew Fu – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

Lyn Green

John Hammer – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

William Hammer – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

Justin Harris

Danny Hite – 4th Place Fundraiser

Pete Holzer – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

David Jenett

Jack Lindley

Sam Lindley – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

Stephen Meaux – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

Della Mullan – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

Earnest Potts

Charles Ross – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

Steve VanHorn – Drumming Up Dreams Winner

Darren Whitmarsh – 3rd Place Fundraiser

Other Winners:

Most Outrageous Drumset: Marty Naul and Kris Ardolino

Best Vintage Drumset: Dave Ely and Gilbert Espitia

Most Original Drumset: Tim Qualls and Ken Evesson

Youngest Drummer: Kaylee Harris

Drummer Who Came the Farthest – Joe Thomas

Raffle Winner – Belinda Fernandez – Mapex Snare Drum

Photos at Texas BigBeat Facebook Page:


More photos and videos to come!



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